Redeem Their Heroic Deeds

In Celebrating Zambia's 53rd Independence Anniversary, I penned down this poem. Enjoy... 

Redeem Their Heroic Deeds

Young and old, men and women, in rarest union,
Noblest example of great duties done,
Embracing the fight, braving the scorn,
To see a beautiful inheritance to us born.

By innumerable troubles assailed, and dangers affright,
They stubbornly refused to auction their birthright,
And bequeath to the next generation intolerable servitude,
Which strips pride and honour from the unborn multitude.

On wings of hope they selflessly ascended the mountain,
Buoyed by the prospects of drinking from the sweet fountain,
Of a freedom hard-fought for, and rightly deserved;
The birth of a young nation by God preserved.

So here I stand, in awe of their gallantry and bravery,
For sacrificing their lives so that an end be put to slavery,
Driving the final nail on the coffin of the coloniser’s menace,
And sending forth a pleasant fragrance of our cherished independence.

O, my soul! Forget not what made your forefathers dare
To die and endure all suffering with prayer.
May your memory their heroic deeds redeem,
And let those you sire today, their honours scream.

Remember, the precious freedom you celebrate today,
And the liberties that colour your everyday,
Would not be yours without those who took a brave stand,
To start a free country in this land.

© Isaac Makashinyi, 24th, October 2017


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