I am Ready To Go

An hour before midnight on Friday, one of God's choicest servants went to be with the Lord. Mr.  Mwamba Chibuta, an elder at Kabwata Baptist Church, entered the realms of the blest, a country so bright and so fair. When elder Charles Bota called me a few minutes after midnight to break the sad news, it was like my heart was pierced by a sharp instrument. I have composed this poem in memory of our dear brother and saint. We shall meet him on that beautiful shore.       


We had just crossed the midnight hour
Eyes heavy, intoxicated with sleep
Unbeknown that one call would make the night sour
One call would be a summon to weep
Turning the bed of rest into a bed of pain
As our loss began to grow louder than the sound of the rain

 “Gone! Gone! Our brother Mwamba is gone!”
Like a bolt of lightning the message hit
As the rain’s fury raised even higher its note
And the heart, to divine providence, wrestled to submit
The pale lips struggled to speak
With a sigh, and trembling, the words were too weak

What to our lacerated hearts shall be the balm?
These emotional wounds, who for us shall heal?
From the distance I hear a voice, firm and calm
         “I am ready to go, I am ready to go”
Words that make faith, hope and confidence their seal
And speak of a land of purer delight
Where infinite day excludes the night.

With faith our brother saw that land
His eyes unbeclouded with earthly mist
With hope our brother saw his vision of eternity expand
His doubts banished by heaven’s tryst
With confidence our brother crossed death’s flood
His fear assuaged by Immanuel’s blood.

May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace


  1. Indeed, the passing on of our Elder Mr. Chibuta brought all these emotions and actions in me and more.He shall surely be missed by my family so so dearly and many more as he was such a wonderful godly good man.
    May God comfort Aunty , Mutale, Kombe , Chishiba and the immediate family members as well as all the brethren . Thank you for penning this thoughtful poem,Belinda.

  2. Thanks Isaac well articulated cannot add more. Elder Mwamba was truly an ambassador of Christ. He leaves no questions concerning his faith. Some pass on and have a questionable faith from a questionable church not so with Mwamba I am confident he is in glory!