Regular Blogging

Hi dear friends, I am sure you are wondering as to what has become of my blog. Well, hold your patience. We are back in Zambia, and Internet access and connection speeds here is not something one can envy. Things will only improve when we have high speed internet installed at home. This should be sometime soon. I hope the service provider will stick to his word, and do the installation soon.

I will let you know once this is done, and then the postings will be coming regularly. Those pictures you have been asking for will be yours for the viewing. Thank you for your prayers for our presidential by election. This went peacefully well, and Zambia now has its fourth republican president since independence in 1964.


  1. I am SO looking forward to this blog!

  2. Hi there Pastor Isaac,

    Ongoing Christmas wishes to you this year! May it be a year filled with Christ.

    It was a great joy meeting you at TCZ in Zim. I have a couple of questions and some links for you. Can you send me an email at so that we can communicate further?

    Warm greetings in Christ,
    David Peyton